Sir Gospel Awurum Speaks On The Roles Of Parents In Reducing Unemployment

Thursday, 6 April 2017

The family is the smallest unit of a society. If we say that the family is indeed the basic unit of the society, we mean that the family is the foundation, the bed rock and most important fragment of the society. The society can not have good moral standards when such standards are not found in the family. To this end, if the society is corrupt in all ramification, we can see reasons why the blame should not be on our politicians or the political class as the case may be, but the family because even the cabals that made up the political class are members of different families.

How ever, the family is the first among the agents of socialization. The family has a lot to contribute in forming the character,morals and values of every child. If the family willingly carries out this duty with all sincerity, then peer pressure can not destroy what the family has built in the child, except in rare cases. The child will be very selective about the kinds of friends he or she relates with so as to exhibit the morals and values planted in him or her by the family. Little wonder the holy bible says in the book of Prov 22 v 6, " Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it".

Where as, the purpose of this article is not to adumbrate on the role of the family in nation building but to bring to focus on how the family can assist and reduce the devouring roars of unemployment in the society.

No one is useless. So many individuals see themselves to be good for nothing, but the fact still remains that no matter how useless one might think he or he is , there is something he or she can do better than others. This one or more things are referred to as talents or gifts. For crying out loud, every one must not go to school. For one to live a fulfilled life, he or she must first of all discover his or her purpose, then if you wish to add a degree certificate to it, you can.

I know that this question will be ringing in our heart. Thus, " How can the family help cub the menace of unemployment in our society?". We all can attest to the fact that no one is an island and no one is independent of another in one way or the other. The doctor needs the engineer, the accountant needs the lawyer, "vise versa".

The family being the first agent of socialization has the the privilege of discovering individual gifts at a very tender age. If you can dance,sing,sing or do one thing or the other, the family should be the first to discover this and should encourage the child the child by giving their unreserved support to the child, but unfortunately, the family discover this gifts and talents but they do not see the importance of encouraging the child, giving excuses that the child will first of all go to school, not bearing in mind that they should have the responsibility of encouraging and supporting the child and as the same time help the child balance talent/gift with his or her education. Research has shown that this attitude is mainly found in Africa. Just imagine a society where parents encourage their children to improve on their talents and gift, do you think that such children can be unemployed after their education? The answer is NO! because when there are no jobs, they have something else to fall back to which is their improved talent. Research and statistics has also proved that talent pays more than education. It is good to be educated, but it is best to discover your potentials and improve them.

However, if the family can take to encouraging her members towards improving on this things that they can do better than others, unemployment will be reduced to  its barest minimum. For instance you have a child who is interested in football, you register that child at a very early stage in the football academy, if the family can not afford the foreign academy, they can start with one of this locals ones around, while the child still goes to school.

I will conclude with this statement," If every one is encouraged to do what he or she can do better than others, since no one is independent of another,unemployment will be reduced to it's barest minimum".

O.G Awurum.

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