Some Sweet Hidden Tressures a Woman really want in a Man

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

It is obvious that most women Don't know what they really want. This days, If you ask a woman what she’s looking for in a man, she’ll tell you she wants someone tall, dark and handsome. If you look at her relationship history, however, you’ll see that’s not always true.

You ought to know that Men are visual; they fall in love through their eyes. They’re shallow and superficial. This is just the bitter truth most guys will never want to hear. Women, on the other hand, fall in love through their ears. We care more about the whole package; we value a man’s personality and how he treats us.

I’m here to tell you that looks aren’t so important to all women. Yes, a man’s physical appearance is important to some ladies, but most women want more than that.

A nice looking man who is in good shape, dresses well and possesses all of the below characteristics is what we really want! Take a look:

1. Kind And Caring!
Women want a man who is kind and caring. We want someone who will be our best friend, a partner and an equal. Above all, we want someone who makes us feel good.

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